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      Kunshan Organic Chemical Factory Co., Ltd.

      TEL : +86-512-57559101

      E-mail : info@yysolvnetdyes.com

      About Us

      Kunshan Organic Chemical Factory Co., Ltd. (KOC), established in 1976, is the first producer dedicating to solvent dyes in China. It was merged with Kunshan Yuanyuan Plastic Pigments Co., Ltd. (KYY, founded in 1992) in 1999, who is a reputed colorants producer and distributor in China, by which the merged company is regarded as one of the biggest manufacturers and distributors of solvent dyes in China. In year 2009, the company moved production facilities from Kunshan to Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province, by which, production capacity was enlarged dramatically.

      Presently, the company has three facilities in China, headquarter in Kunshan City, Jiangsu province, some 30km away to Shanghai, one sales branch located in Guangzhou City, Guangdong province, and production facility in Jiujiang, Jiangxi province.

      As a pioneer of plastics coloring in China, the company kept going forward by exploring new colors for customers from foundation. With some 40 years efforts, the company aims to provide customer-oriented solutions from his full range colorants with brilliant lightness, strong tinting strength, good light fastness and excellent heat resistance as well.


      Our History

      Year 1976  KOC established
      Year 1976  Developed solvent green 5
      Year 1981  Developed solvent red 25, solvent red 24, solvent red 23
      Year 1982  Developed Vat red 41
      Year 1984  Developed solvent yellow 98, solvent orange 63
      Year 1986  Developed solvent green 3, solvent violet 13
      Year 1992  KYY established
      Year 1993  Developed solvent yellow 93, solvent blue 35, solvent blue 36
      Year 1994  Developed solvent red 135, solvent red 179, solvent orange 60
      Year 1995  Developed solvent yellow 33, solvent red 196, solvent red 197, solvent yellow 145
      Year 1999  KOC merged with KYY
      Year 2002  Set up Guangzhou branch
      Year 2007  Developed Methyl cyclopentadiene dimer
      Year 2009  Move Kunshan production facility to new plant in Jiujiang City, Jiangxi Province
      Year 2010  Set up a joint venture with Qingyang Xingda Chemical Co., Ltd. New plant in Jiangxi started production.

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