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      2. 公司介紹



        Shenyang VSDIGITAL Development Co.,LTD was founded in year 2003, we have been focusing on Guard Tour System for more than 10 years  in China and have been concetrating on providing our customers with high quality products, customized guard tour solutions and first-class after-sale service. 

        Our Company Philosophy is "Innovation and Globalization".Through 10 years' efforts, VSDIGITAL has become the leading manufacture in Guard Tour System industry. Our products are in various kinds solutions, including GPRS guard tour system, GPS/GPRS guard tour system,mobile patrol.ibutton Guard Tour System,125hkz/13.56mhz RFID Guard Tour System. We also offer the remote transfer device-GPRS/Ethernet online downloader (which can transfer data to remote place instead of the PC),2.4G long range guard tour system

        Software is the key part of our guard tour system, we can offer the standalone software, web based online software, and Cloud based online software with instant message APP which will send the patrol result to the user according to your subscription.Moreover, we also have the "tree structure" system,which is very suitable for the group company to manage the branch companies which can let the user see the conclusion, the specific content of the branch companies,while each branch company can not see each other specific information.

        We have spreaded our market all over the world with many customers and distributors home and abroad, such as in America, Europe, South America, Southeast Asia, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

        Just choose us. We will make every effort to become your the best supplier by providing you with best service and tailor-made Guard Tour Solutions.

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